Introducing the all new HOVERBOARD WORLD RACETRACK – the circuit now comes into our BREEZEBOARD PRO SUPERSTORE and our kids parties are loving the new layout!

The longest trading Hoverboard and Swegway supplier BREEZEBOARD PRO with the UK’s largest physical walk in showroom and store can help you choose the perfect hoverboard for you. Weather you are after a CLASSIC, VENOM or the all new PHANTOM, XTRAIL and supremely unique VAPOURIZER with water jet chem trail feature. We can advise you of the right swegway board for you or your child. Come along to our Superstore in the Chillfactore Indoor Ski Slope at the Trafford Centre and one of our expert technicians can get you fitted up for your new hoverboard. Not all boards are the same! you’ll see this in store and our range is all on display for you to choose and take away on the day! We’re open 7 days a week so why not see what you are buying before buying blind from a non compliant pop up website promising the earth. We’re here to help you not get scammed!
More information at: https://www.breezeboardpro.com/shop

If you have never been on a Hoverboard Buggy, Swegway Kart, Buggy attachment before, why not get yourself booked in to our HOVERBOARD WORLD RACETRACK to test your skills in store… we do arrive and ride sessions but it is highly advisable that you book before you travel, we are absolutely “CHOKKA” on the weekends and after school sessions. Its £10 for half an hour session, we provide all equipment and tuition where our on track martials will assist any riders who need some guidance. As soon as your can demonstrate an emergency stop (which is easy!) we let you race round our track unassisted. Session are for kids 5+ (of course it depends on height and ability) most children pick it up within 5 minutes!
More information at: https://www.breezeboardpro.com/party

Do you want a new unique kids party idea that will simply blow away any other kids party? Are you after a solution for a birthday event or a celebration, let us take you on a swegway race journey! For upto 10 children, choose from BRONZE/SILVER (1 hour) or GOLD (1.5 hour) or PLATINUM (1.5hour + HOVERBOARD GIFT INCLUDED AT THE END). Race round our track, group race games, time trials, qualifying sessions, presentation and of course food and drink, party bags to take away – basically parents, you sit back and we will do the rest! – Our track martials and party hosts will make your childs birthday and his or hers friends day – 5 STAR REVIEWS – let us take the pressure off you and sit back and smile, or get involved and cheer the kids on! LET’S RIDE!
More information at: https://www.breezeboardpro.com/party