Welcome to the new Breezeboard PRO Swegway Repair Centre,
based in-house at our superstore in The Chillfactore, Manchester.

PLEASE NOTE! It has come to our attention that inferior quality balance boards increasingly need repairs, we suggest you contact the seller you purchased from for all aftercare requirements.
Under no circumstances do we repair, upgrade or provide parts for balance boards that are not purchased from Breezeboard PRO. We only look after boards purchased from us directly. Chargers, batteries, internal components and aesthetic upgrades can only be supplied by Breezeboard PRO if you are an existing Breezeboard PRO customer on our internal records. Your order number, name address and delivery details must be supplied before we can assist you with any requirements your swegway may need. This is company policy and for obvious safety reasons.

Accidents do happen, our Swegway repair team are here whether you’ve snapped the shell in on an off-road epic, have a puncture and you’re in a hurry, or if your board is just looking a bit sorry for itself, Breezeboard Pro are the only ones to offer a huge range of options to get your swegway repaired in the U.K. at our brand new Cheshire facility. From wobbly wheels to battery or start up trouble, our fully trained and dedicated mechanics are here to help. We can carry out a wide variety of swegway board repairs on broken parts, or fit new ones where required. We are the only swegway retailer in the U.K. to offer this service and expertise. When you send your board to us for repair, the first thing we will do is assess it. We can then either:

A) Complete the Swegway repair and send straight back to you on next day courier service.

B) Provide you with a quote and complete the repair, subject to parts availability.

To get you riding your swegway again as quickly as possible, we stock all your board needs to get you back riding your Swegway. If the part you need is not available, we’re able to order thousands more from our range, or straight from our factory as soon as possible, almost all parts we have in stock and our experts are on hand to complete your swegway repair in excellent time!

We fix, the classic swegway, the venom swegway, the 10″ monster swegway and the flagship 10″ venom monster fusion swegway, in the fastest possible time – if you need your board fixing, you’ve found the experts!

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PLEASE NOTE: We only fix Breezeboard PRO swegway boards – under no circumstances will we fix other inferior quality boards or supply ANY parts or components. This is company policy and there are no exceptions to the rule.

01925 909140

All Breezeboard PRO repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from repair and are carried out by Breezeboard PRO in house technicians using only Breezeboard PRO approved OE components.