NEW CLASSIC SWEGWAY COLOURS – Limited Edition – Exclusive to Breezeboard PRO Swegway Shop

Our signature colours of the awesome Classic Swegway have always been the awesome White Swegway, the ever popular Black Swegway, the dark Blue Swegway, Red Swegway is always a sure hit with hoverboard riders and girls still go crazy for our stunning Pink Swegway – these have been our signature colours if you like, everyone loves them and they are on show in the Manchester Swegway Shop at the Chillfactore next to the Trafford Centre in our unique super hoverboard store.

For the first time ever we have created 4 new signature Classic swegways that we already know you will love (from the feedback from our huge showroom – come and see us in store). The new swegway range consists of 10 boards, the original 6 classic colours and the 4 new paint jobs. Firstly introducing the newest of our hoverboard range is the:


A simply sublime design, you will be literally floating above the universe with this out of this world paint job. A classic swegway sooooo good we’ve already sold half of the stock before it even arrives, you can pre order your Galaxy swegway here – limited edition when they are gone they are gone!

Next we have the stunning “bling bling” blinding…


The paint job on this is unbelievable in the flesh. This classic swegway has taken pride of place right at the front of the swegway store to wow all our visitors as soon as they arrive to view our swegway range, available for pre order the very limited edition GOLD swegway – will be with us in store the last week in September 2018! Again, if its a bling bling Breezeboard PRO hoverboard you’re after then this is a must buy!

Up next, we bring it to yer from the streets!…


Here it is and its LOUD! a new take on the popular graffiti shell. New classic swegway to the eye is a real head turner, its loud, aggressive, black white and red bespoke design is very individual, a swegway for the rider who has a passion to be different! What does your swegway say about you as you glide past your mates, this classic is as bad ass as you can get, boom your tunes through the on board bluetooth speaker as you blaze a trail of individualism – Street smart classic riders choose only Breezeboard PRO build quality, the street has the looks to match.

Exclusive to BREEZEBOARD PRO is the uber cool INFERNO!…


Disco Inferno! – this paint job is soooooo good, really is, in the flesh its distinctive flame looks in orange and blue quarters are easily the most distinctive shells we’ve ever created here at Breezeboard PRO Swegway Shop. A classic smooth in performance we only have 200 of these beauties available for pre order in store and online – this board will be available to buy in store the last week in september 2018 and again once the Breezeboard PRO Inferno Classic Swegway has gone it has gone. Keep the fire burnin in your soul with this uber cool paint job!

And there we have it, The all new awesome CLASSIC SWEGWAY range by BREEZEBOARD PRO for 2018.
Guys, If theres something you see that you like, don’t wait, we will sell out again like we do every year!