A series of informative swegway videos where we share with you what weve learnt through thorough testing over the last few months whilst working with a UK accredited test house, our factory, the doctor swegway repair service to verify all Breezeboard PRO products in meeting the UK standards required.

We will be adding more videos each week including how to’s, safety information you should consider when buying a board, Breezeboard Pro latest offers and latest news items. SHOP SAFE SWEGWAY NOW








In December 2015, being the biggest seller of hoverboards in the UK, in an unprecedented move we were asked to “prove” our boards were safe. I’m very glad to confirm that with testing in the UK with an accredited UK test house, thousands of £££’s spent, all certification documentation and test reports have now been verified – It took 5 months to test and prove compliance. Now we are selling our swegways again and you have complete piece of mind that ALL Breezeboard PRO boards are compliant and have been verified by a UK 17025 (UKAS) Accredited Laboratory proving the integrity of the products that we bring to the market. We’ve also posted CUSTOMER YOUTUBE VIDEOS on our homepage for you to make your decision on which swegway you think would suit your taste, please watch these, they are very informative and will help you immensely when making your decision, we also thank the youtubers for their continued support!

Believe me when i say that takes a lot of time and expertise to test the complete workings of a swegway and its technology. Every component has been tested and verified by one of the largest accredited test houses in the world. No other company in the UK has a 500 page technical file that proves compliance like ours.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by other websites claiming that they are UK tested, verified or compliant – our advice would be to ask any company for their technical file – most make an excuse – simply because they haven’t got that 500 page technical file. With us, you have that piece of mind.

Our technical file is 500 pages in detail, while most other sites seem to think 3 pieces of paper from China are enough, this is false, and often fraudulent. Every component must be certified and tested to gain verification, we are very transparent here at Breezeboard PRO – here is our technical file and certificates.

The charger was upgraded in October 2015 – trading standards asked us to look at it, we did change the charger, if you have a “kingJTpower” charger please contact us with your order number and we can send you out the new verified charger. We believe that we have the safest boards on the UK market and we have the documentation to prove it – available here.