Here are the answers to some of the asked questions we get in our swegway superstore about the workings and products we offer. For more in depth specifications on our swegways, please download our manual (on each product page) and also have a look at the different models we sell that are available online in the shop section of our website or come and visit the superstore. Also, we have put on our homepage some very interesting swegway videos that previous Breezeboard PRO customers have made about our products that we believe you will find interesting when choosing the right model for you!

How do swegways / hoverboards actually work?

While they are known as many things like ‘hoverboards’ ‘swegways’ ‘segway’ ‘balance boards’ etc we call them Breezeboard PROs. Legally described as a self-balancing scooter for tax reasons or self-balancing boards, they work a like a mini Segway (just without the handle) you control your movements with your feet, legs and torso rather than a segway handlebar. When you apply pressure front and back to each pad the Breezeboard PRO will respond and power the motor on that side of the unit, enabling you to move wherever you like freely, just by angling your feet and telling the board where you want to go. Download our Manual on each product page for some good tips, do’s and don’ts and also we have a handy app to get you learning how to ride quickly, just search “breezeboard PRO” in google play or the app store.

How do I use my swegway Keyfob?

The remote control is the key fob in the box. It is used to turn your swegway on and off remotely. Although this has four buttons its used for just turning the board on and off to save you having to bend down. Alternatively if you prefer you can use the silver on/off button on the side of the Breezeboard PRO. The redundant buttons have no functionality. To pair your key fob to the swegway, turn the board on on the back of the board, then press the keyfob to turn the board off, your key fob will now be synced to your board, you should now be able to turn the board on and off from the key fob. TIP! DO NOT EVER TURN YOUR SWEGWAY OFF WHILE RIDING – You will fall off!

How do I reset or rebalance my Swegway?

The Breezeboard PRO Swegway from time to time needs a re set. This is easy to do and the instructions to do it in the video above or can be seen in our instruction manual on the orange page, here are the steps you need:

1. Charge your swegway for two hours to make sure its fully charged. (The charger has a red light on it which illuminates when plugged in, this red light will turn to green when fully charged) Then unplug the charger.

2. Turn off your swegway and make sure the tops of both sides of the board are level and level to the surface its on.

3. Keep your board absolutely level to each side and the horizontal surface its on.

4. Press the “ON” button for around 30 seconds. The blue lights should come on under the board at the front and start flashing. Let them continue for 30 seconds. The board is now resetting itself.

5. Turn off the board. FINALLY – Turn it back on again, two green lights flash on and it drops to one green one on the top? ALL DONE 🙂

What is Klarna and the “BUY NOW PAY LATER” option

We currently only accept payment via our merchant Klarna. Klarna offer a “BUY NOW PAY LATER” service, if you qualify for their terms and conditions you can receive your Breezeboard by courier within 3 working days and pay 14 days later. Acceptance to Klarna terms is completely at the discretion of please visit their website for more information on how it works. Any decision on the free 14 days credit is not controlled by Breezeboard PRO, should you wish to find out why you haven’t been accepted you can contact Klarna on their website or call 020 300 50833 Monday – Saturday 9am till 6pm or at:

Do you refund?

We do refund but only upto 14 days after you have received the item, and if the item is undamaged and returned in it’s original condition (new) and packaging, including the charger and the remote control. The cost of collecting the board (including administration) is £30.00.

What happens if the board breaks?

We warranty the battery charger and charging port for 12 months, this is to keep you riding our products – due to the nature of the product we cant be held responsible for breakages and accidental damages. If the board breaks, which is rare, we can fix it for you at our repair centre, but you will be charged accordingly for the parts, we will where we see fit not charge you for labour, again this is not a money making exercise for us, we are here to assist and keep you riding.


Do you ship internationally?
No. Airlines will not take the lithium-Ion battery, we are working on a solution for this.

How long does shipping take?
From day of order, your board is shipped the next day, you receive within 2-3 working days, delivery is free by tracked and signed for courier service- PLEASE NOTE we do not deliver at weekends.

Will I be charged for taxes?
No. The taxes are included in your overall cost.

Which company do you use for shipping?
We currently use APC for shipping all our breezeboard PROs.


What are your warranty terms & conditions?
The battery, charger and charging port is guaranteed for a period of 1 year.
We do not cover for accidental damage or misuse. If any of these three thing fail, or are lost we will supply a new battery, charger or charging port for free when we determine you have purchased from Breezeboard PRO within the last 12 months.

How do I secure my board for Christmas Delivery?
Dont wait! Please order as soon as possible, stock levels will decrease the nearer we get to Christmas.
We would advise placing the order before the 18th December 2018 to ensure delivery or alternatively come and see us in the Superstore at Chillfactore Manchester and purchase your Breezeboard PRO.