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Buying a Swegway, Hoverboard, Balance board? Cool, here are some swegway buying tips to help you through the mine field of buying a fully compliant Swegway for the UK market that has been verified in the UK by the correct authorities (UKAS approved test lab) and sold by a reputable hoverboard seller.

Swegways/Hoverboards will almost definitely appear on many a childs wanted list again this year. We speak to many parents and kids in our Manchester Swegway Shop daily and understand what questions people have and what they look for in a company, most want to speak to someone face to face and are no longer comfortable buying from a funky website that rarely deliver what they say. So weve put together our Christmas Buying Guide to help you find the best and most importantly the safest board you can buy, verified from a company with an actual swegway shop next door to Manchesters Trafford Centre shopping district.

Tip Number 1. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable supplier!
– There aren’t many about!!

Every Christmas many fake and untrustworthy websites spring up claiming to be “verified” and “safe” and “official”. We can spot them a mile off and unfortunately most of these companies “say” they offer 1-3 year warranties when in actual fact once we get passed Christmas the company will cease to exist, leaving you and your swegway high and dry. We all like to buy the cheapest, but never have I seen more of an example of if you buy cheap you buy twice, the aftercare from such businesses is appalling, they don’t have shop fronts that you can walk into and speak to someone and get advice or help should you have a issue with your swegway. Pricepoint – I can tell you a compliant safe battery alone is £90 – before any of the motors the motherboard giros tyres chassis etc. So cheap prices with all singing all dancing aftercare (but no shop front) should be a warning sign to you.

We have a physical swegway shop with onsite technicians, open 7 days a week, this is important, its unique in the UK right now, because we have the UKAS accredited test lab reports verified in the UK we are allowed to have a physical shop front that customers love, just checkout our reviews. Our stock and supply are approved for sale in the UK market place by all the relevant UK authorities, defined by our shop going from strength to strength since it opened in 2016. As with all electrical goods, you will get what you pay for, an exceptional quality hoverboard or swegway with superb aftercare of a physical superstore based in Manchester is invaluable – we’ve had that feedback, people want a swegway shop to purchase from.

Breezeboard PRO, we are The UK’s Most Trusted Swegway Supplier – this is reflected in the fact we invest in an actual physical store to service customers from all over the country – people are travelling to see us from all over the UK. With our UKAS verified swegway testing alongside all of our safety certification we have also been given the thumbs up by customers we speak to every day in store. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves, as does our social media, just read our Facebook page, we have the largest community online with over 45,000 followers on Facebook and over 14,000 on instagram we are now the leading trusted Swegway Shop and supplier in the UK – ask yourself why no other company claiming to be the “official” has a superstore like ours open 7 days a week?

Our safety certification can be viewed here. We are very transparent about our swegway compliance. Having been asked in 2015 to prove the integrity of our products for safety, our supply for safety and our brand and business practices, we passed with flying colours and our ethics and customer services to this day are second to none, this is reflected again in having a physical store that none of our other competitors have. Most, still haven’t even got a verified in the UK technical file.

Tip Number 2. Buy Early, and from a forward thinking reputable swegway company!

This year has been a fantastic year of growth for Breezeboard PRO, we actually began as a website early in 2015 and have stood the test of time unlike most of the false promising sellers that have ceased trading. Which resulted in us opening the UKs first dedicated, Swegway Hoverboard and Electric Scooter Superstore in the chillfactore Manchester. I can now share with you we have just signed a new 5 year lease on our huge superstore at the very well respected chillfactore indoor ski centre and some exciting news I can announce is that we are expanding! We are opening the first “Breezeboard PRO Hoverboard Disco” in another unit within the Chillfactore! We are more than doubling in size over the next few months – watch our social media for the launch! Again this goes to show that we are not a fly by night – get in get out – another funky website promising you the earth and not delivering or sending you an uncompliant product not fit for the UK market. We are here to support our customers. We have a tremendous amount of safely vetted stock but because we are a shop (busy every day!) and because customers like the idea of buying from a retailer that has a physical store our stock levels fluctuate weekly. The growth of the business and the profile of our brand is such that we will almost certainly sell out this Christmas so if you want a board for Christmas get one as soon as you can either in store with us face to face or when they are available online, dont wait, all our products are sent to you with secure delivery via APC, tracked and signed for to your door within 2 working days or 5 working days to EIRE.

Often we do run out of our signature swegway colours. We have always had the same colours and shells since day one back in 2015 – they are our signature if you like, makes ours recognisable, the most important thing when buying a swegway is the safety and the aftercare – not the price or colour. We do recommend that you buy board early, especially if you have been asked for a specific colour. Go on our swegway shop page and see what our signature colours are. Your warranty will start from date of purchase and covers the battery, charger and charging port, if any of that fails, is broken or a lost charger, we will replace in the first 12 months for free. You can just pop into store and we can get you riding again asap. We do not cover cosmetic damage, if an accident should happen and you need say a new motor, or a PCB we only charge you for the part you require, we dont charge for labour, this is not a money making exercise for us, this is designed to keep you riding and also advertising our great products, with us there is always somewhere to go for help or assitance should you need it – Dont be left high and dry with a funky website that has no interest in aftercare for your swegway or the correct safety procedures when sourcing a hoverboard!

Tip Number 3. Trusted 5 star Customer Services

When buying a swegway, you need to make sure it is from a trusted UK seller. What does this mean? Trusted by who? Well for us its simple, we have a store and its real, if we werent trusted and vetted by the relevant authorities we simply wouldnt be able to open our doors 7 days a week. Furthermore, just see our reviews and our social media for customers that trust us with their purchase – our feedback for the store is superb (click here) – but also if we are the only reputable seller, selling this product since it started way back in early 2015, and we are still here, with an actual shop or superstore as we like to call it, and were expanding!! This should fill you with an enormous sense of confidence when purchasing a fully compliant safe swegway from Breezeboard PRO.

Our actual certification vetted in the UK and inspected for authenticity and tested for authenticity in a UKAS accredited test facilty in Durham allows us to be the biggest swegway shop in the UK – we have put all the ground work in place to provide the best possible product and service to UK and EIRE customers.

As with all electrical goods, sometimes there are issues, remember you should refer to these boards not as a skateboard, more like a playstation on wheels, treated correctly our products last a very very long time, treat it like a skateboard and you will need aesthetic and internal upgrades from time to time, always read and adhere to our swegway manual for tips and do’s and donts. Here at Breezeboard PRO, we have over 3 years experienced technicians at our warehouse and in our swegway shop open 7 days a week, a superb UK based customer service team in the Manchester store that is always contactable 24/7 by the phone 01925090140 by email on or even via our facebook page If you need us our website also has a very informative swegway knowledge base section where we create videos showing you how to do things you maybe dont understand when you first get your swegway board. BUT! more imortantly we are here for you to visit at our superstore for expert face to face advice.

So, if you have any issues with any of our products you can always reach us. We pride ourselves on giving you that comfort and actually in essence this is what seperates us from the rest.

Tip Number 4. Buy the right product or model!

At Breezeboard PRO we have 5 different style boards Classic swegway, Venom swegway, Monster swegway, Venom Monster swegway & The Chicane swegway that offer very different things in our Hoverboard range, alongside uniquely again a CE tested to UK standards Breezeboard PRO Buggy and accessories. This means, that we have the right swegway to suit any adult or child. If your child is quite young say beneath 12 years old we would recommend the smaller cheaper of the range Classic or Venom range, this is purely based on the weight of the board, they could in fact ride any Breezeboard PRO but every day use sometimes requires them to be picked up and carried, the Monster range which refers to the 10” inflated tyres weigh a surprising 20kg – far too heavy for a young child to lift should they need to – The more nimble Classic and Venom range with the 6.5” solid wheels weigh in at 13kg which is much more manageable for younger children.

Alongside this, please dont think the smaller ones are not suitable for adults, some of our techinicans and sales staff love the classic as it is exactly that CLASSIC! Our boards are tested to be able to carry 150kg – 200kg in weight and so are perfect for adults too. If you are after the Rolls Royce of Breezeboard PROs and you maybe want something a bit more robust with superb performance, look no further than the CHICANE SWEGWAY, there are videos from very pleased customers who have bought all of our models on the bottom of our swegway homepage, watch their reviews of our products to get a better idea of which model is best for you – or of course – this is what our store is for – why not come and see us at the trafford centre in the chillfactore and see all the models in the flesh before taking advice and choosing the right swegway for you!

Tip Number 5. Always read the manual!

Here is the link to our Breezeboard PRO swegway manual, unique to us, it is your guide, it will assist you in getting the most out of your board and will keep you riding for years! Again though, if you have any niggles or issues come and see one of our technicians in store and they will be able to advise you anything you require, from charging, to riding, to buggy controls, to syncing the key fob, all of this information is on our website in the frequently asked questions page – but as always we are here to help you should you need us long after Christmas at our superstore and the new “Breezeboard Hoverboard Disco” facility at the Chillfactore, Manchester.

Buying a swegway, hoverboard or new Electric Commuter Scooter? Only one place to go BREEZEBOARD PRO SWEGWAY SUPERSTORE!