The most complete technical file in the United Kingdom!

Over 500 pages of test reports and certificates to prove the integrity of our products on the UK market. Below are the front covers of each report with sensitive information concealed for security reasons.

All Breezeboard PRO products INSPECTED & VERIFIED by a UK 17025 (UKAS) Accredited Laboratory in conjunction with our Factory and Doctor Service Repair Team. Our technical file was compiled and checked by a 3rd party consultancy U.K. firm in meeting all new applicable safety directives.

Finally, a proven quality safe board!

Official Breezeboard PROs are only available here with our extensive swegway range, the classic swegway, the venom swegway, the 10″ monster swegway and the flagship 10″ venom monster fusion swegway, we are confident there will be a swegway to suit all tastes weather you are new to the hoverboard scene or a seasoned Breezeboard PRO swegway user.


Push Button Switch

Plug, Fuse, Socket & Adaptor

Figure 8 Cord

Charger RoHS

Charger IEC60335-1

Charger FCC

Charger RoHS

Charger LVD Directive

Charger EMC Directive

Charger Low Voltage Directive

Charger CE EMC

Board RoHS

Board LVD test

Board LVD certificate

Board ETSI-EN301 test

Board ETSI-EN300 test

Board EN62479 test

Board EMC test

Board EMC Certificate

Board CE certificate

Battery Material Safety

Battery SAMSUNG cells

Battery LG cells

Battery Air Transport