The Breezeboard PRO “VENOM” Swegway is the upgrade to the classic, same chassis, but with a meaner looking shell – Perfect for speed demons and is incredibly robust, quick and nimble and reacts great to your body’s movement. The “VENOM” is smaller than the MONSTER range at nearly 13kg, but this does not detract from its absolutely inspiring awesome performance. When you see the “VENOM” in the flesh you’ll notice just how amazing they look, very addictive to ride, they have speedy 6.5″ wheels. Complete with awesome LED lights and Bluetooth speaker as standard you will not be disappointed when choosing a “VENOM” – the ultimate in swegway design, Venom riders in our opinion are just that little bit cooler!

The Venom comes in 2 different colours, The Venom Ice Cool & The Venom Dark Side.

We advise for ease of use when carrying the Classic board that you also purchase a CLASSIC size bag for when you are travelling around and taking your board.