ASHTON SIMS of WARRINGTON WOLVES attended our launch at MARTIN DAWES Warrington


To celebrate Breezeboard PRO being stocked in MARTIN DAWES we had a BREEZEBOARD PRO BUGGY TIME TRIAL race on Saturday the 8th JULY! First up to try and win the Breezeboard PRO Classic was @ashtonsims26 son posting a very competitive time around our bespoke track at the back of MARTIN DAWES store in Warrington. The day was a roaring success, lots of people trying to better the time of 3 laps around our course on a Breezeboard PRO CHICANE Swegway with black swegway buggy attachment.

Eventually it was a shoot out between Sophie and Michelle, the long time leader of the Swegway race was Sophie who led for a good few hours, only for Michelle to come along and break her lap time by an incredible 2 seconds – 3 laps completed in just 27 seconds!!! – super fast swegway riding!!!

All in all it was a real fun day that we will be repeating soon so keep a look out on our Facebook page for our next swegway event!